Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

like "cloverfield", but fatter?

I call this picture: "They were never heard from again. Their footage was found later, and this was the last chilling image."

Baby update: this past weekend was better for us. You might remember that Jo spent the previous week trying to de-brain herself on most of the living room furniture, but after a few days she seemed to get the hang of falling. I won't say the whole weekend went by without a bruise, but she had a lot fewer incidents of just plunging to the ground like a tree. She started catching herself with her hands. She was better at falling backwards on her butt. And sometimes, when she's really concentrating, she can actually just lower herself down and get down! But usually she's not that patient.

When she does fall, no matter how she lands, marc and I cheer and clap and smile at her. Even if we're worried about the "clunk" sound, we've noticed that if she sees our positive reaction she figures life is okay. She frequently looks right at us after she falls. I noticed months ago that when marc would throw her up in the air, when she was safe in his arms she'd turn sideways and look at me. Like, "was that okay mom?" It was very repeatable, and pretty funny.

In honor of learning how to fall she's started pulling up on the table and letting go. She went from holding on with both hands to just one hand to just resting one armpit on the top, and finally now she's trying the "no hands" thing which lasts about 10 milliseconds before we hear the thud. We've also noticed her sitting on the floor and throwing her head back and arms out... I have no idea what that's about, it's a totally new thing. My guess is that she's experimenting with balance?

Favorite things of the moment:
- Cardboard boxes
- Little Fish finger puppet book
- Marc's laptop, despite all his efforts to keep her away
- Sweet potatoes

And, based on the last five minutes, "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon.
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