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vintage kitchen food storage

I started a goal a while back to store and reheat food in glass containers, not plastic, because I keep reading that plastics will give us the death or something. Silly I know. I also think glass is just nicer to eat out of, and you feel better serving food when you have dinners, and the lids fit forever and won't shrink like my rubbermaid containers.

I looked around at bakeware, like corningware, and found that it was pricey unless you bought these 50 piece sets or whatever. And then you have 50 pieces to store. I just wasn't that inspired. So many glass containers now even come with plastic lids, and I know they won't fit well forever. Meh.

Then I by chance found out that you can buy vintage pyrex and corningware on etsy for cheap! Pick out whatever you want, there are small sizes and big sizes and neat old colors. So I bought some pieces that I adored, even though shipping almost makes it the same price (but still not quite) as new stuff. But it's still prettier.

Then one piece I bought, this cute little pink pyrex bowl with a lid, arrived at my house shattered in a million pieces. That was upsetting. Especially since the lid it came with was just fine. Fortunately I found a cuter blue pyrex bowl at a flea market that fit the lid... pyrex and corningware made the same basic pieces for years, it turns out, you can still get that "set of stuff" feel even with eclectic patterns because multiple lids fit multiple dishes.

I'm really happy with all this. I'm already using plastic a lot less, I feel environmentally friendly using old stuff, and the vintage patterns look great with my old house. To give you an idea, here's the built-in hutch thing in our kitchen:

And here's the left half of it, with the weirder more random stuff:

On the top shelf, the almond-dish with the gold leaves is a split serving dish. My mom actually had one just like this when we were kids, not the same pattern but the same shape and size. I have wonderful memories of it because on taco night we'd have meat on one side and beans on the other.

On the bottom shelf, I've got my random desert plates that I got on clearance at Urban Outfitters one year, I've always had those and maybe they're what started my desire for mismatched things in the kitchen. I've always had individual martini glasses in totally different colors and styles, for years if I saw a martini glass I liked, I'd buy it. Then if I was having a party and one got broken it didn't really matter because it's not like the clumsy person had just made a "set" incomplete for me.

The little dark blue bowl in the middle is the flea market find for the lid. It's a great size. The stuff around it is all from Etsy.

I love water pitchers. That blue one on top has kind of a story: I had an amber one just like it, but I broke it by pouring boiling water in it to make ice tea. Not a great moment. So we found another amber version at a vintage store in Topeka, but it was overpriced and had a chip in it, so we bought a green pitcher (top, right, kinda hidden) instead. Then I ran across that crazy blue colored one just last weekend and went for it.

What do you think... does a collection of vintage kitchen glass put me in some kind of girly estrogen hell?
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