Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

booked more of my livejournal

Check out what's gracing my bookshelves these days:

That's my livejournal, people! Yup. Nine volumes, all printed up and bound, each with a photo on the cover that I think best sums up the year.

I used ljbook to make PDFs of each year, minus the comments (they add a zillion pages). Then I ordered the books from Lulu for about $6 each.

I feel good that everything I've written is "backed up". I flipped through and read some pages when they got in, but I've sort of learned not to read too much because getting back into your head 5 or 7 years ago makes you feel weird, like a book character you're way too close to. Because it's you.

Anyway getting those books was actually a goal around this time last year or the year before, I forget... it just took a little time. Well, and 2010 was a very important year that I definitely wanted to make a backup of.

If anyone else is so ambitious, I did notice that Lulu is doing another 20% off sale this weekend, through the 17th. Go forth and print!
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