Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

All because two people...

Marc and I were at Target and we saw a picture frame for a baby photo. Etched around the outside of the frame in script letters was the phrase, All because two people fell in love.... We were both like "ha ha... all because two people fell in something." Right? Then a week later I was at a couple's house and they had like five dozen pictures of their baby arranged in a cluster around the same phrase in vinyl stuck to the wall, 5" letters... very cutesy.

And now I see it everywhere. Stupid poetic trend of the year I guess, made even more stupid because babies aren't born all because two people fell in love... I mean yes that's an ingredient but every year millions of people fall in love but don't make babies, and millions of babies are born without any love-falling to speak of. That's just how it works.

If only Cafepress still let me make picture frames! I so want to come up with my own line of lovely script sayings on them, explaining how all these little angels really came into being:
  • All because one condom had a hole in it
  • All because one fertility clinic took our insurance
  • All because one bar had 2-for-1 tequila shots
  • All because one antibiotic rendered the pill ineffective
  • All because two people were snowed in for a weekend
  • All because two people had to make up after a disagreement
  • All because two people celebrated graduation
  • All because two people batter-dipped the corndog
... you get the picture.

Oh, and while I was thinking of these and other facts of life last night, my darling little Josephine decided to suddenly figure out the sippy cup we've been letting her play with and started CHUGGING the water that was in it, so fast that she barfed all over her "Care Bears Count to 10" book in a way that I'm not sure it'll recover from. All because two people fell in love, yup. Whatever you want to think, picture-frame makers.
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