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how will they remember you?

I made the coolest freaking winamp skin today! I wish didn't take like a month to add new stuff, I really want to see how this one does. I'll give the URL when it's on

And now, would like to bring you:
Spacefem's Embarrasing Moment of the Year

Okay, a few weeks ago, as many of you know, I went to Huntsville, Alabama for the Great Moonbuggy Race. It was exciting, invigorating, all those things. Mostly really freaking fun. Last year, our department let an electronics senior race and she came back with nasty looking injuries from falling off the buggy. She was cut up and scratched and bleeding... it was awful. This year, our moonbuggy tipped over but since I wore long sleeves and other safety gear I escaped without a scratch.

After the race, (and I mean RIGHT after the race, when I was still shaking with adrenalin) my advisor accused me of not doing as well as the girl last year because I didn't lose any blood for the department. "You mean you lost no blood during this race? And you call yourself an electronics major!? What happened to taking one for the team?" In my aggressiveness I told him I lost a lot of blood because (heh) it was that time of the month. I don't usually share this kind of information with professors, but hey, it was the moment. And he thought it was pretty funny.

So today Rachel, my SWE secretary, comes giggling up to me saying that I've just got to see the video of the moonbuggy race. We watch the video of me and the other driver peddling through the course, tipping over and almost dying, all that. Then we get to the end and there's all this shouting and mumbling and you can't understand what anybody is saying in all the confusion until we get to one line... and I really don't remember shouting this but it's there...


Then we have nothing but mumbles and inaudible shouting on the audio.

It's the ultimate "room gets quiet" moment, and what's worse, the mechanical engineering professors are saying they'll have to get the tape edited to be stored in archives and presented to the advisory board next week.

The thing that kills me is that my co-pilot Jerod is totally calm through the whole thing. He's just sitting in his seat sort of looking around while I'm yelling my head off and going nuts about the world. Why can't I be calm and quiet? sigh.

I hope I never get famous. VH1 would be all over that tape.
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