Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

it's not really birds, it's my neighbor's TV.

I wake up this morning to a resident knocking on my door at like 9:00. First reaction: Crap, I slept in until 9:00! So I open the door and there's this girl standing there like, "Remember when you said you'd sell me your carpet for $40? Well, here's your check. My mom's here to get my stuff, it'd be best if we could take it now."

Fumble fumble, move move move, and I have no carpet now! My room is weird... it sounds different in here. But I'm glad I got rid of it.

Did my final project for PLCs yesterday. No, not finished up... started, drafted, finalized, and turned it in. It was due by 4:30 and our class turned the stuff in at like 4:29. I didn't feel so bad about not working because the other guys in there had about the same amount of stuff done I did, but since I'm smarter than most of them they actually had it much harder. Or something.

Getting that project done was a huge weight off my shoulders! Today I put in about an hour on my english project. I talked to an instructor for about forty minutes. I ate lunch with Dave and talked to him a while. And I putzed around making winamp skins, which are by far the best way to waste time in the world. I plan to update sometime very soon, I've got a bunch of interviews to get started or put up for the interview section.

I forgot to mention that I saw spider-man last weekend in Dave's little town. Good popcorn flick, and I thought the Tobey Maguire was perfectly cute. SW Episode II comes out this week but I have no idea when I'll actually be able to see it. Does missing opening night kill me? A little. Esp. knowing that if I lived in KC mikey would have probably hooked me up with tickets three weeks ago. But I'll make it, I'll see it eventually, and if none of you ruin it for me the delay won't bug me too much.

Got a semi-peeved e-mail from a neopets member saying that it wasn't nice of me to call them "time-wasting hippies" on my site. Anyone want to back her/me up on this one?
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