Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

some facebook etiquette pointers for new parents

I'm facebook-annoyed, by some things my friends do after they have babies.

And I'm sorry if I accidently bitch on something that you lj moms have done, I don't mean to hate I promise, you can talk bad on something I've done. I don't mean anything personal here. I just have to vent a little.

Too many of my facebook friends have changed their profile pics to be their babies. Not a picture of them and the baby, no, just the baby. So I look at my friends list and feel like I'm friends with all these babies. Except I'm not. I'm just friends with mothers who've lost their identities. Frankly I'd rather be friends with your pets, they're easier to tell apart.

Too many of my facebook friends bother me to vote for their kids in various cute baby photo contests around the internet. Okay, back in the geocities days there were all sorts of "award" sites that figured out that you could drive traffic to a website by telling other webmasters you'd give them an award if they got enough "votes"... it was totally transparent bullshit we all saw though. Oh but I guess if it didn't work people wouldn't do it!

I was boycotting the contests entirely, but sometimes I do go vote... for the kid I think is the cutest. Which is rarely the kid I'm being told to vote for.

Anyway not only do they tell me to vote, they tell me A LOT, and post daily updates, and get their friends in on the campaigning. "Only 253 more votes and Isabelle will be the cutest baby and we'll win a T-SHIRT ZOMG!" SHUT UP.

Finally, I thought stfu parents would get the word out on this but I guess not: no facebook status should ever be about poop. It's poop. I shouldn't have to explain this one any further.

Man, just to verify the URL on STFU parents I went back and visited the site and forgot how wonderful it is. seriously. Their 2010 recap post made me cry. that said, TODAY'S latest post is barely work safe, I gotta say.
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