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pregnancy insomnia vs. new baby sleep deprivation: the showdown!

So last week the pregnant circe811 posted a facebook status about feeling sleep-deprived. And of course half the comments she got were about how babies cause more sleep deprivation so get used to it.

Seriously, when I was pregnant and a total insomniac, nothing made me want to slap some bitches more than hearing, "You think it's hard to sleep now! Wait until baaaay-beeeee LOLOLOL!" I had a LOT of bad nights, where I'd go to sleep early then wake up at 3 or 4 and couldn't get back to sleep. I tried reading, relaxing, having snacks, staying in bed, exercise, everything... I was just a mess.

So the "oh just wait!" comments? Not cute, people. Not a good thing to say to a pregnant woman. At least this one.

And you know what I've even found out? It's not even true, what they say about babies keeping you up worse once they're born! I mean yes, as a new mom I've had very few straight-on eight hour stretches of sleep. But I sleep well. I am definitely better rested now than I was before the baby came around.

Look, when pregnancy woke me up, I'd be awake for hours. It was terrible. When the baby wakes me up, I feed her and am back to sleep in 20 minutes.

When the baby won't sleep, my husband takes a shift with her so I can rest. When I was pregnant I couldn't exactly hand him my uterus, bladder, or insanely zonky hormones.

The baby learned the difference between night and day in about eight weeks. She naturally got into a schedule where she didn't stay awake for hours of playtime at night. During those 8 weeks of learning I was on maternity leave, and napping with her during the day. Pregnancy lasted 40 weeks. I worked the whole time. My insomnia started in the first trimester. I hate to admit this, but there was more than one occasion when I could not make it through the workday. When I locked myself in unreserved conference rooms to "stretch", I was... uh... not stretching. I haven't sunk to that once since returning to work.

My journal entry for June 8 says I woke up at 2:30 AM and could not get back to sleep. I worked all day. Then I went into labor around 7pm. I was awake all through labor, birth, and several hours after to feed her and get fixed up. So yeah. I'd had four hours of sleep, then was awake over 30 hours straight. Run that marathon, mothers.

After the baby was born, Marc said I managed to sleep through a dozen cleaning ladies practically banging pans together marching-band style in my hospital room.

I was probably making up for the past nine months. I don't honestly remember anything about it. It was awesome.
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