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2011 resolutions

My rule about new years resolutions is this: no repeats. I think everyone should have this rule. It annoys me to see the same old "lose weight, eat healthy" resolutions that float around. My philosophy is that if you want to do something, and make it a resolution, and then it doesn't happen, that should be a sign to you that it just doesn't work as a new years resolution. Putting it in the resolution box won't get it done, you'll need some other method... or maybe you should just break it into smaller chunks. So be creative with your resolutions, put down new things every year, make them realistic, get on them!

That said, my resolutions are:

- Use fewer ellipses (...) in writing, both livejournal entries and emails
- Read at least one "classic" novel
- Acquire more curtains for the house
- Don't let the scary clutter room in the basement get worse
- Get rid of old CDs
- When sewing, pay attention to the fabric pattern direction before cutting!
- Post sewing projects
- Do not horde scrap fabric
- Sew a better looking skirt for the example image on my skirt pattern calculator.
- Change quiz images to go through a more sustainable expiration script

I looked back and couldn't find resolutions for 2010. I probably didn't try... my resolution was probably just "have a baby". But in 2009 here's what I had, and here's what I did:

- take a flying lesson took many flying lessons!
- go to the dentist check. I've been good at this lately.
- buy a stock the scottrade account is rotting away again, sigh.
- update Feminist of the Day disaster of neglect
- get a passport nope
- stay employed yup
- increase the number of staple foods I know how to cook I'm much happier with my spinach enchilada casserole, as of this year.
- get our insurance squares checked, preferably with one company done.
- get rid of some books that are just taking up space fail

Why did I fail at some of these? Well the books are kinda tricky... I found out that old textbooks are pretty much below worthless, you can't even donate them! So I guess they need to go to the recycle bin but I feel bad about that.

Feminist of the Day... that just needs, like, four straight days of php concentration. And probably some alcohol. I think I was even offered help with it. Honestly I sort of want to kill the whole project. It was made before wikipedia made it so easy to find biographical information, I think it's useless now. Maybe that should be my resolution.

And the passport resolution was made during a time when the US had just changed passport requirements and EVERYONE needed one NOW and people were rushing to apply and they were way backed up, so if you needed one you'd have to wait months. Now days the wait isn't so bad, so I don't feel like I need one just to need one. I feel okay about not getting to that one.

I still want to get rid of books at update (or kill) feminist of the day, but I'm not making them new years resolutions. Just things at the back of my head to feel guilty about.
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