Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

happy new year!

I had such an awesome new years eve.

kinda ditched my core group of friends... they were having a party out in clearwater. That's like 30 miles away. In a house with cats, so I couldn't spend the night. And I knew I'd have the baby with me, which meant I wanted to be able to make a quick escape and be home FAST in case she had some screaming meltdown... because she can certainly keep it going in a car the whole way home, oh yes!

Marc had a DJ gig too so it'd be just me which makes packing up and escaping fast even trickier. This is the peril of being married to a DJ... we never spend the new year together. Our kiss is always done with a text message, 10-20 minutes after midnight.

So instead I went to the Tarm's house to hang out with the Twitter crowd because it's more like 5 miles away than 30. I thought about going nowhere, since there's no one I leave the baby with. I posted about it in breastfeeding. She's got a track record of not enjoying parties, and forcing me to spend the whole time in back rooms alone with her listening to the party go on while I miss it. Anyway the gals in bf suggested that I bring the baby sling and go out, because even though millions of people (especially parents) spend new years eve Not At Parties I was clearly suffering from long-running new mom isolation. I love the baby but it's been a tough year of passing up invitations left and right.

As luck would have it, Jo was just a doll. I nursed her at home around 7 in a quiet dark room upstairs. She dozed off in my arms and slept until a little after 8. Normally I'd never let her sleep for an hour straight in the evening like that, but it's new years, screw the schedule! Then I put her in an outfit that would pass for both "outfit" and "pajamas", threw her in the carseat and set out for the party. She loved it! Okay granted, the Tarm's have a great house for parties. The living room is huge and carpeted and clean, and several folks hung out up there and Josie just crawled around on the floor and smiled at people. She showed off her almost-crawling skills, her flirting skills, her dancing skills. She was a horrible distraction of course. One thing I used to hate about kids at adult parties is that they tend to attract attention away from interesting adult conversation, people kind of focus on the baby. So I tried to make sure I was bringing up topics that were Not Jo. But she certainly got the attention she wanted. The upstairs crowd always hovered around 6-8 people, and that's a nice size for her to not get totally overstimulated but still get plenty of attention.

Downstairs was darker, more crowded, more people standing around sipping cocktails (Viktor Tarm is a helluva bartender). I stayed out of there in Josie's interest. But still, it felt so good to be out and see some people. Josie was energetic and thrilled with the crowd for a long time. My original plan was to cut out of there by 10, but we stayed until 11. I didn't want to push it until midnight and risk being on the roads right after midnight and all that.

I was home by 11:30. I wrapped Josie up, nursed her and watched Rockin' New Years Eve on television. At midnight there were fireworks going on outside. Josie was asleep. I kissed her and wished her a happy new year and laid her down in her crib.
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