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my 2010 in review

On the last day of the year I like to post a year in review, just in case someone missed something and because it's fun. Here's the fun stuff I did in 2010!

January - Horrible weather and migraines really halted process on the pilots' license I'd been working on since last spring. For Marc's birthday we went to the Castle Inn Riverside.

February - Bought our first house! It has four bedrooms and a detached garage, built in 1929, only two miles from our cool downtown apartment. We looked at houses for only about two weeks before stumbling on this one and snapping it up the Monday after it went on the market.

March - Became a pilot! I just happened to be 29 weeks pregnant at the time. Also, closed on the house and moved.

April - Flew Marc to Newton and Hutch to try out the new pilot's license! Threw a fabulous housewarming party that's still such a wonderful memory of our last days of being a fabulously social married couple with no kids.

May - Turned 30, became increasingly pregnant, launched a survey to estimate the accuracy of due dates as I became more obsessed with the statistics of that craziness.

June - Had a baby: a healthy 7lb, 4oz girl we named Josephine. She arrived two days before her due date and everything about her birth went exactly per plan. It was wonderful.

July - Returned to work, putting in half days for two weeks and then going full time while Marc stayed at home with the jo bug. Baby had serious anger managment issues but we kept her anyway.

August - Marc and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. Also bought new bedroom furniture. Baby got happier, and cuter, and a LOT fatter.

September - Went to resonance again, and my sister's annual Talk like a Pirate party in Topeka.

October - Went flying with an instructor to make sure I remembered how to do it, everything went splendidly. Got an IUD to prevent any more baby-having in the near future. After a whiny professional photo session, we noticed that Jo had cut her first tooth.

November - Jo was baptized. The SWE website I made for my section took first place in the section website awards at nationals (of course, the year I didn't go to conference). Hard drive on the laptop died. Many mp3s were lost. I am not as bothered as I thought I would be. Marc started a big crazy diet and we've been eating separate food ever since.

December - Removed all ads from, promising to just suck it up and support the site myself, forever. Jo turned six months and kinda started on solid foods. Still breastfeeding though! Hosted my first Christmas for the family.
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