Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

jo moves forward

This is definitely not crawling, but it's something:

And sadly, it's enough that we have to Watch The Baby. All the time. She gravitates towards everything bad. She randomly found a rubber band on the floor the other day, tried to eat it, and almost choked. She loves to try and go under tables and chairs. She loves paper, electrical cords, cardboard boxes... everything but baby toys, it seems.

she's doing well on the moving milestones.

not so much on the talking milestones... I read those silly charts and it says most babies at six months are more "jabber-y", they say "ba ba ba ba" or repeat what you say. So if she's going to be a late talker I want to take this baby sign language stuff a little more seriously and read up on that. She makes individual consonant sounds, like "ah-goo" but she doesn't combine strings of them yet.

Maybe she's just too focused on tearing the house apart?
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