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oh no they didn't & lj takeover

So now there's ontd_feminism. It's been a while since lj had an active feminist community so that side of it is good, I'm not sure what exactly killed feminist, maybe just the general lj downhill slope. Or maybe they just ran out of things to talk about.

ontd_feminism so far seems to be a lot of fighting and people offending each other. I try to learn what I can from internet debates, and shut up a lot when I don't have anything really fantastic to say. I also have a rule I try to live by when it comes to online debate... it's the "one person isn't worth it" rule. If you make a comment, then person A response, then you respond to person A, then person A responds again, STOP. Wait for a person B to get involved. Otherwise it's just you going back and forth with one person, and no one else is going to read it, and it's totally pointless.

Most of the fights are about the tricky intersections of feminism and the other -isms. Classism, racism, US-centric-ism (is that how you say it?), heterosexism, etc. Why we haven't figured out how to talk peacefully about all these is beyond me.

But in the chaos you can learn a lot, I think. In fact I think I've even started a new rule of internet debate... if someone makes a posts and you see hundreds of replies and debates starting up, STAY OUT. Read, understand the sides, do not touch the insanity or get involved.

Another topic... how come every successful community on lj these days has to be a spinoff of ohnotheydidnt? There's some WEIRD spinoffs too, strange one-show or even one-character fan communities that start with "ontd". ontd_penguins? ontd_gryffindor? ontd_swimming? society is crumbling beneath us, people.
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