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jo's first christmas

We had Josephine's first first Christmas last weekend. Her second first Christmas, with Marc's family, will be next weekend.

My mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law all came down to Wichita this year and I hosted. They showed up Saturday and stayed until Monday.

We made tons of food. I managed to get the planning and grocery shopping done but everyone else pitched in and did lots of the cooking and kitchen cleanup. Saturday night we made lasagna. Sunday was enchilladas, then veggie soup for dinner because we needed something light. Monday was leftovers.

Josephine was kind of a pill. She's randomly started this separation anxiety thing. It used to be that when mom and dad came down I could hand off the baby and get some stuff done around the house, update the blog, have some me time, right? But now whenever I left the room Josie would freak out. And she didn't really warm up to the family, even though these people see her at least every month... we just spent a weekend up there three weeks ago. I'd hand her off to someone and she'd just turn and stare at me.

But she loved her Christmas! She loved the shiny presents, tore a little wrapping paper on her presents (before trying to eat it), loved that everyone was paying attention to her and clapping when she opened something. It was a simple Christmas. Her aunt and uncle got her a cute dress and a Twilight Turtle... it projects stars on the ceiling! Her grandma and grandpa got her some stacking cups, a ring toss, and a red ball.

Anyway, some pictures:

Here she is playing with her cups and showing off her new front teeth


In front of our Christmas tree. Yeah, we went ahead and baby-gated the fireplace. Our living room isn't going to make the cover of better homes any time soon but there's one less area around to bruise her face.
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