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"super-nerdy pregnancy statistics"

I randomly got like 100 participants on my ongoing due date survey this week. I looked at stat logs and found this post on metafilter that I think drove the traffic. It contains this paragraph, which might actually be the coolest thing I've read about myself on the internet:

check out this super-nerdy pregnancy statistics website, from an engineer mom who is collecting data from the public (see the raw data and auto-generated graphs, and read the FAQ about the survey, with more cool graphs). Looking for day-by-day probabilities on when that baby's due? This would be your stats table with daily prediction (adjust dates at top of page as needed). Of course, you could always shut up your constantly inquiring relatives and friends another way.</a>

sweet, huh? We make pregnancy a nerdy thing!

I need to clean up those pages, to be honest. They were throw-on scrips without so much as a style sheet. In a way that's good, I wanted something super-fast to load, I wanted something I could check from work without sending the message "I'M AT A PREGNANCY WEBSITE" to anyone walking behind my computer. But the sites could at least link to each other in a somewhat organized fashion, have a footer maybe.

I'll blame my geocities upbringing. That's where I got this tendency to throw random pages up with no thought to a theme or cohesion.

Anyway... how's the survey going? Well I'm up to 386 responses, and the average pregnancy still lasts exactly 40 weeks 0 days when labor is not induced. I even ran the numbers throwing out births that happened right on the due date, in case those people were proud of themselves and over-enthusiastic about taking the survey. Results were still the same. Mean and median are both 280 days. No difference between first time and non-first time moms. Go figure.
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