Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

jo bug eating

So moms... any interesting tips on starting babies on solid foods?

I mean I know it's not difficult. Buy a jar of baby food, spoon some out, feed to baby... we've done that. Buy the little toddler puffs or cheerios so they can practice pinching.

I read ingredients on those baby food jars to see if her life would be a lot healthier if we pureed our own vegetables. But the jars pretty much just have one ingredient each. So given the fact that she eats, like, four baby spoons a day of the stuff it sounds like a lot of work to get out a blender for that.

We already tried to make things interesting in a failure kinda way because we got Josie all into apples. We'd give her a slice of one to suck on and she'd love it. Then she got teeth. Seriously, in the past week she's managed to get her whole top row of four pretty much in. Plus she's got her two bottom one. Putting them together, she figured out how to bite the apple slice and start wearing them away into weak points with break-off nubs the prefect size for choking on. no more apples. darn. well, honeycrisp season is about closed anyway.

So far she likes all the food we've given her. Jars of carrots, sweet potato, apple. One source told us to hold off on "sweet fruits" but another said that breastmilk is kinda sweet already so it doesn't matter.
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