Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

baby update: eye color, crawling progress, babyproofing

I keep trying to get a good picture of Josie's eyeballs. It's tough. I am no photographer. But anyway this one seems pretty good:

She seems to have very complicated eye color happening these days. Marc has dark brown eyes. I have blue eyes... sort of blue-gray. Jo bug seems to have eyes that are brown on the inside, blue on the outside. They've been like this for a long time. I think they were blue when she was born, but sort of a dark blue, never my color.

Apparently it takes a good year for baby eye color to settle down. Given that, I bet they'll just be brown.

In other news, I posted a video of her crawling progress. As of yesterday she not only pushes up on all fours, but she'll move a hand forward, or push her legs forward. There's a lot of faceplants and a lot of "screw it I'll just roll where I want to" but you can see the wheels turning, I think she's starting to figure out that there's a future in crawling.

Marc bought a giant baby fence. Our fireplace mantel and DVD collection seem to have baby magnets in them... every week Jo gets faster and more efficient ways to get over there and into something. I was hesitant about just fencing them off. I figured Jo might eat the DVDs a little or bump her head on the fireplace bricks once or twice, but mom says if a baby is old enough to do something they're old enough to learn not to do it. Just takes some learning and instructions! Maybe it's the Kansas girl in me who hates fences. Maybe I got it from my dad... growing up we never had a fenced yard, he's got something against them too. But Marc is the daytime caregiver and it's a lot more work for him to be constantly redirecting the baby to keep her away from the bad areas, so I gotta let him take the lead on this one.
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