Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

growing baby photo fun

So I was going through Josie's clothes and I found her pink airplane shirt. It's officially a 12 month size, but I remember putting her in it as a newborn just because it's so nifty. And so look what we get to have: before and after pictures!

This was taken June 11, she was two days old and weighed about 7 pounds.

This was taken six months and one day later. Same baby, just almost 3x as much of her:

Yeah, it wouldn't stay down for the second picture so it's hard to compare length... in fact it was hard to take that picture at all because jo kept trying to roll over and escape. But you may notice that:
- Sleeves no longer reach her elbows
- Head is no longer smaller than the airplane
- She's just so much cuter now

See now who says baby clothes get outgrown fast? Just get big stretchy ones.
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