Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

It's a Binary Day!

CHYX launching time...

How do you have a grand opening of a website exactly? Everyone thinks I'm insane right now, sorry, but the birth of CHYX just had to happen on October 1, 2001. Sure, it was up before that. I announced its presence to a big part of the world. People joined. But something about that was so wrong. It's like when a couple has a baby but it's not baptized for like a month, because for a while it's brand new and has to lay around the hospital for a few hours, then it has to just sit there and be pink and okay, the parents kind of get used to it, and then they're ready for volumes of Visitors. That's how CHYX is, I guess.

So today is the first day CHYX is really CHYX! I'm e-mailing Slashdot to get on the supporters list, hell, I put it in my Slashdot sig. It's been on my website since Friday, so that's taken care of (Friday is when gets updated, that's just how it is, so I figured it couldn't just wait until next Friday). Time to go promote for real I guess. Time to defeat all those demons inside me that say CHYX is a really, really dumb idea.

Stuff CHYX Represents:
1) My first attempts at ASP. Ewe! It's alright, I survived, I haven't done much with it yet though.
2) My first website I'm launching for the world. SpacefemsPlanet is for me, and it's really stupid to boot. Other sites I've done were for other people.
3) My attempt to make up for every stupid club, chat room, and message board for women in technology that I've joined, kept going, and had die on me. What is it with us? So I'm thinking if it's my gig, it won't die, because I won't LET it die!
4) The best site I've ever made in terms of LYNX compatability. It's great, it really is, go check it out using that! I need to test it in Internet Explorer too, I guess...

Well, you're all probably hating me for talking about this so much, I can't help it really, CHYX is like all I think about now. Release me! Sigh. No more rants on it this week, I promise.

Other news: got my glasses fixed (thank God!), wrote short paper on why Linux rocks for network systems class, eating cinnamon rolls dave's mom made us when we went home this weekend. er, homes. i dunno.

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