Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

spacebaby - six months

Jo's grandmothers have complained about the recent lack of online baby pictures, so I put up some youtube videos, including this one that's kinda slobbery:

I also posted one of her not crawling. She loves to get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth... but then she gets back down on her belly to move around to stuff. My sister says she's like a chess piece. She can roll to either side, kinda move backwards (one space) but that's it. No diagonals. Nothing too complicated.

Oh and here's a picture of us at her first gay rights rally. We went to an anti prop-8 thing over the weekend (yeah, that's still going on)

She turned six months old yesterday! That's right, she's a half! Wow it's gone by fast. She weighs 20 pounds. She has three, almost four, teeth... two on the bottom, one front tooth, and the tooth next to it is just about cut through. Not sure about that other front tooth though... she's looking kinda lopsided.

She can sit on her own in a much more stable manner, we don't put pillows around her when we sit her up. She can't get up to a sitting position by herself, but she can go from sitting to tummy to rolling around pretty well.

Her favorite toys seem to be her books... but not because we read to her. I mean we try, but she barely pays attention, she'd rather eat the books. Hopefully she'll outgrow that.

That's about all the baby update I can think of for now.
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