Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

weird al

One of our radio stations in town is having Coolio headline their big upcoming concert. I know, right, Coolio... how old is that guy? ANYWAY of course they're playing "gangsta paradise" 50 times a day. I only listen to the radio in my car but that's enough to hear it... once on the way to work, once on the way home. sometimes over lunch.

But do I get it stuck in my head? Nope. It only makes me think of one thing: Amish Paradise.

Weird Al is a genius, we know that, but Amish Paradise has to be one of the greatest songs ever. I don't care if it is a parody. You know how sometimes a work of art is so beautiful you're sure the artist was touched by God? Inspired by divine muses? Really awesome? That's how I feel about Amish Paradise.

Hitchin' up the buggy, churnin' lots of butter
Raised the barn on Monday, soon I'll raise another

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Amish Paradise. It's perfect. I love the video too. I love the chickens and the surprise dreadlocks and Al in a beard.

I saw Weird Al in concert a few years ago, right after Poodle Hat came out. He didn't do Hardware Store and I was kinda sad about that but he did my other favorites, like Everything you know is wrong and the one about horoscopes. And of course, Amish Paradise. It made me so happy, because it makes me happy every time I think about it. That's why I had to write an entire lj entry about it.

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