Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the worst movie ever made

Someone in thequestionclub asked about the worst movie we've ever seen.

My worst movie: Angus. Horrible movie. Terrible. It came out in 1995, it was one of those "high school" movie that kids were watching because it related to them or whatever. It's about this fat boy who feels alone in high school but he's in love with the pretty popular cheerleader and at the end he learns that she can like him if he can just be himself.


Besides the obvious painful cliches here, what I hated about it was that it felt like the millionth story I'd seen about nerdy boys. Girls in high school movies weren't nerdy. Can't Hardly Wait was another one... lonely boy loves pretty girl.

All of these boys wish the girls would look past their outward awkwardness and see the beautiful people on the inside. But none of them stop and ask themselves why they like the girls they do. In fact in most of these bad high school movies, they know nothing about the girls they like, except for the fact that they have flowing hair and long skinny legs and boobs. See what I'm getting at here? If a girl ignores the ugly boy she's stupid and needs to see the light. If a boy ignores the ugly girl... well, in these stories they make sure there are no ugly girls, because doesn't everyone just wish they'd go away?

It's the most redundant, annoying, and obvious movie sexism: we're supposed to relate to men, but women are just props.

See also: Nice Guy Syndrome. That's where men are so self-involved they think no female deserves to set dating standards. They eventually grow to hate women, and then wonder why women don't like them. It's special.
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