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I'm on a shredded wheat kick this winter. Previously when the weather got cold I'd switch from cereal in the morning to oatmeal in the morning, but lately I wasn't really feeling it. So I saw a commercial for hot shredded wheat, and since I'm a big shredded wheat fan anyway I thought I'd try it. It was pretty good.

I don't heat up the cereal, just the milk. And I stir a tablespoon of brown sugar in the milk first for wonderfulness. It's a very filling breakfast with no sodium.

Marc is still on his diet. He's doing awesome. He thinks a lot about calories which is a change for both of us. I never notice calories in what I eat, if you tell me a snack is 200 calories I don't really know if that's good or bad. When I read ingredients, I read protein, fiber, and sodium. When I was pregnant I actually had a spreadsheet with various favorite snack foods, and it'd tell me the ratio of protein:sodium and fiber:sodium, because higher ratios meant they were good snacks for me I figured.

I don't eat as healthy as I did when I was pregnant, mostly because I don't eat as much. I mean it's easy to get five servings of fruits and veggies a day when you eat twenty times a day, right? Nah, these days I'm not that hungry. Consequently I've lost at least fifty pounds in the last, oh, six months! I now weigh what I did in college when I was running track. Except now I'm not running... I'm barely exercising. Just eating normal food, and nursing the baby a lot. It burns some calories apparently.

So anyway, three months ago I was all afraid that I'd have to buy bigger size pants, and now my pre-pregnancy clothes are hanging off me and need belts.

I still feel good about the in-between sizes I bought though. I needed them. When you're not pregnant, putting maternity clothes on just makes you want to cry.
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