Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

snowflakes, con't

Okay so you know how lately I've been complaining about scientifically inaccurate eight-sided snowflakes being depicted in books/clothes for the baby? Well this doesn't actually have anything to do with that really. But I thought it was cool.

It's a virtual "cut out your own snowflake" website:

And they are six-sided, like they should be.

It folds the virtual paper for you, then you use the virtual scissors to cut out shapes. With REAL paper the sections don't come out quite even because the folds take up some space, you know? But the imperfections of the past are gone. Isn't that nice?

Then everyone's snowflakes go into a big public gallery of wonderfulness. And if anyone made an "offensive flake" you can report it... don't ask me how someone would do that. Actually just the fact that there's a "report" button makes it kinda tempting doesn't it?
Tags: internet

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