Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

video: spacebaby gets around

And now, the Jo Mobility Challenge:

23 weeks, 6 days old
Age in months: 5.5

I grabbed the camera for the video because today for the first time I saw her try to bend her legs and lift her tummy off the ground. That's a big deal, because in case it's not obvious she has a LOT of tummy!

I read that babies who are good at rolling sometimes don't crawl, they'll just roll around to get what they want and skip straight to walking. But seeing jo work on her knees makes me think maybe she'll figure out this crawling stuff. Any predictions for when I'll be posting the crawling video? Baby center says it happens between 6 and 10 months.

Another note: you can't see it in the video but that shirt she's wearing has animals and a winter scene, and they're surrounded by snowflakes... with EIGHT SIDES. It's a hand-me-down shirt, obviously. But people WTF is it with baby stuff and eight-pointed snowflakes? Is it not common knowledge that snowflakes have six points? Are designy-type people running all around America thinking that snowflakes have eight points?

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