Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

baby moving and clothes

Josie's getting more mobile. I can't tell you exactly how though, because she's being tricky with it. If you're sitting there playing with her on the floor, she's happy and just lays there on her back waiting for you to hand her more toys. But if you get up to get a glass of water, when you come back in the room she's six feet from where you left her. I've seen her completely roll over now... back to tummy to back. I've seen her ooch around on her tummy with her arms. I'm not sure what her preferred method is. For all I know aliens could be beaming her around to various places in the room just to screw with me.

She likes our coffee table. It has a bottom shelf, about 6" off the floor, and she's spent this weekend finding things we had stashed there. She likes electrical cords. She likes gnawing on the shelf. And she really likes smiling when someone says to her, "Jo bug what are you doing?"

In other news, she hit 19 pounds this week and according to some signs that means she needs 12 month-size clothes. Honestly, 9-month size stuff seems to fit her pretty well, but 9-month isn't really too common a size. 6 month stuff can be kind of a stretch.

The good thing about 12-month size clothes is that we have TONS of them, apparently this is a size that kids must camp out in for a while because two of our friends really loaded us up. We have two big boxes of 18-month clothes, too. I went through the 12-month box today, in addition to some of her old clothes, and started another bag to give away to the thrift stores. Some clothes are just too pink or too faded or just not all that cute.

There are two bad things about 12-month clothes. First, the styles change... they're not "little baby" styles anymore, they look like they're for toddlers... and Josie does not toddle. I caught her "travel rolling" once this week but generally to move around all she does is roll to her stomach and use her arms to push herself around very inefficiently.

The second bad thing is that the pants aren't really all that wider, just longer. This tells me something about infant growth patterns... I guess between months 6 and 12, it's mostly lengthening? Well obviously we're not there yet.

Poor Josie. Not even half a year old yet, and already a weird size! She certainly is my daughter.

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