Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

stay inside

In an effort to not be addicted to coffee, I'm going through one of my "don't drink coffee" stints. It's not cool, I'd really like coffee right now. I find it sad that this stuff is so addicting, I mean, I don't even drink that much (like two cups in the morning?) but it's just the taste...mmm. I make nice coffee.

Weather yesterday was creepy-weird. It'd be sunny and bright outside, but really windy, and you could tell by the colour of the sky that all was not normal. It's hard to explain, the clouds were just odd. Then it would storm. There are people in this world who really love storms, and I can be one of them when I'm safe in my room, but not when I'm out in the world. At night the sirens started going off because there were tornadoes touching down in the town next to us but for some reason we couldn't hear them in the tech center, so I get back from class and everybody's all freaking out and I had no idea why. The tech center has lots of glass, too, it would have been nice to know those lovely big windows were trying to blow in on us. Blah blah, more flash floods, more lightning, welcome to Kansas in the spring.

Got my new jeans in a few days ago, they're so great! Felt snug when I first tried them on, which made me nervous because they're the same exact size/style as my other ones, but once I washed them and wore them a few hours they fit perfectly. It's nice to have something in my life be reliable and comfy. Also got some new shorts; ordered the khaki but got olive green but I don't think I'll send them back because I wasn't sure what colour to get when I ordered them and kinda like the olive now that they're here.

Network card in this computer is owned by university housing and must be returned in eight days. I've had this thing for four years, we've been through a lot together, frankley I think they should just let me keep it. sigh. now I need to find a network card.
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