Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

whining and raining

One of my neighbors just came over ranting and raving about how he was so mad because the bookstore wouldn't buy back his books because the instructor for the class hadn't reinstated it yet. He was all, "I hate the bookstore! We spent $500 on books and get nothing back... it's such a rip-off! They charge too much and take advantage of us."

Now, our bookstore does do some crappy stuff. My favorite is when they won't buy your books back because they say they have all the used ones they need for next semester, yet you hear kids complaining the next semester about how they had to buy new books because the bookstore was out of used ones or better yet had to start classes with no books because the bookstore didn't order enough (that's been happening a LOT, and not all the teachers are very understanding about it, which is lame too.)

But now that I've been through some editing/english classes and read some things about production and printing I understand that the bookstore isn't exactly making a mint on all these things. Books cost a lot to make, esp. hardcover ones. Students here complain about the dumbest things--books costing too much, not being able to park close to things, etc. It's all so trivial, and they don't even try to understand the situation. Who do they think is the big evil rich person behind the bookstore prices? (there is, btw, a bookstore across the street that charges a few dollars less, on average, per book. why I'm one of the few people who go there is beyond me). What buildings do they think we should plow over to make more parking spaces?

Now I'm complaining about their complaining. Just as trivial, I suppose.

Weather today is supposed to be really stormy with a high chance of more flash floods like we had last night. I thought the floods last night were really kinda cool to watch, until the phones went dead for like four hours. And I thought the kids playing out in the (really cold) gushing rainwater looked like they were having fun and I found it amusing, until I noticed the lightning all around. Yup, these are college-educated american citizens. They've actually fixed the drainage problem in this town a little bit since my freshman year, but it's still pretty bad. Not much rain makes this place flood like the ocean. It's Kansas, there's no place else for the water to go.
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