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When I was working on senior design, I had like this fantasy of my Life Before Senior Design. I had memories of waking up at 9 a.m., eating a healthy breakfast while watching the news, doing yoga and other exercises, taking a long shower, eating lunch with Dave, doing some homework or going to a class, checking my e-mail every thirty minutes, updating the website every day, going to bed at a reasonable time, etc. I'm not sure where I got that. I mean, just by reading old journal entries I can tell life wasn't like that... maybe I just used it as a coping mechanism? Anyway today was totally insane... class, e-mailing contacts, research, an iota of time for website stuff, tech center, a staff dinner, a baby shower, a floor meeting. Room still isn't clean, and I even missed the Osbournes (part of my fantasy included watching whatever television I wanted to every night).

And if that's not enough I had the gall to decide it was time for a clothing drive, so my room is now full of the results from like ten college girls cleaning out their closets to donate to the goodwill. What was I thinking? I remember, I was thinking I should clean out my closet, but I didn't exactly have time for that. sigh.

There's a fly in my room flying in laps around my head. You know, fly, we can live together in this room peacefully. You don't eat much, I don't smell bad. But you're just going to far and if you keep it up you're going to have to die. Why can't you just stay away? Why LAPS around my HEAD, for god's sake?

So anyway I go to my friend's baby shower today, which was fun, she's my SWE treasurer so I totally love her. And these other girls that were there (not in SWE) started talking about how when they were looking for a present for the baby shower they just thought all the little outfits and toys were sooo cute, it just made them want to have a baby too. Um, did I miss that gene or something? All I could think about was how retarded and expensive the outfits were. I used to work in a shoe store, and it was kinda sad to see people spend $25 on little baby nike shoes (I'm not kidding) that I knew their kid would wear for like a week. But they were "cute". So I just sorta didn't say anything at all, probably had this bitchy disgusted look on my face but it's nothing to me. Let's just say that no part of baby shopping, baby showers, that REALLY frightening "Baby Story" show on TLC, or even babies themselves, make me want to have a baby any time soon. I don't find it cute, I find it scary as hell.
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