Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

how can something so small be so stressed out?

I think baby jo (age 16 weeks, or 3.7 months) is getting less happy.

We USED to be able to put her under her play gym, and she'd happily bat at and talk to her "friends" the zebra and the elephant and the monkey. But lately she just yells at them. The problem is that she wants to put EVERYTHING in her mouth. There are three problems with this:
  1. She's not coordinated enough to put everything in her mouth. Sometimes the angle is wrong. Sometimes the wrong hand gets in there first.
  2. Not everything is movable enough to go in her mouth. Sometimes she'll pull on the wrong ring, so it's too high, and she can't pull hard enough.
  3. Some things are too big for her mouth. She opens wider and wider and it still doesn't fit.

All these things are a the cause of RAGE. She's working so hard, making all these attempts, it's not happening. I'll hand her a toy or ring or rattle and it's the same story, she tries and tries and tries until she's frustrated and trying even FASTER and yelling and whapping herself in the face.

I realize that I spent 4 years of grad school getting pissed off at my inability to do stuff, but this is ridiculous. I mean did I yell at EVERYONE about my own frustrations?

(don't answer that)

She's happy chewing on us. Fingers, arms, shoulders, whatever... so I guess if toys fail, we can always resort to cannibalism.
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