Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

should I get a dog?

Some friends of ours live out in the country, and last week found two puppies abandoned on their road. They sent out pictures to ask if anyone would provide a home, I e-mailed Marc to ask if we could have one, he said "Yeah, sure!" At which point I of course thought "wait WTF we can't do this." He's good at calling my bluff on stuff like that. Hell, when I first suggested that we make a baby he totally agreed... that shut me up for a good six months.

ANYWAY I've never had a dog of my own. I lived with one for a while... my roommate's golden retriever. He was the best dog. I could pet him, take him for walks, play with him in the yard... but I didn't have to feed him or clean up after him or take him to the vet, because it was her dog. Win!

Marc and I are big fans of dachshunds. Like, really big fans. We look at them on rescue sites just like we did guinea pigs before we got them.

The remaining homeless puppy at my friend's house is not a dachshund at all, it's more of a pointer... but it's a pretty damn cool dog. I met him last Sunday at her cocktail party. He's one of the most laid back mellow puppies I've ever met. About 12 weeks old, she says, and "mostly" housetrained except for a few little incidents, and he's done very well with crate training.

It'd be a good time for us to get a dog. Marc's at home during the day. Josie would have a friend to grow up with. They say kids who grow up with dogs have less allergies. And we have a house now... it's nice to have a dog to alert you about people around, sort of protect the property and scare theives away. The guinea pigs don't exactly carry their weight in that respect.

Ooh... and the best reason to get a dog: something else to blog about!

So what's holding us back?

1) More crap to buy... food, kennel, vet, registration, AAAHHHH.
2) Afraid he'll eat the guinea pigs. He looks like he'll grow to be medium-sized, like 40 pounds. That's big enough to get at them. We could close off their pen, but what a pain.
3) Our whole house is hardwood floors, which get hit hard by dog toenails I've heard.
4) Is this a good time?
5) Do I know anything about dogs?

I keep having second thoughts... Sunday when I met this puppy I called marc and was like "HE'S SO SWEET WE HAVE TO GET HIM HE LURVES ME" but as soon as I came home, I hesitated. Maybe that's a sign that it's not our time.
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