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Totally banged the top of my ankle on the corner of my desk last night, and it really hurt. Wake up this morning and it's still sore. There's nothing visible happening, but it feels like a three-alarm bruise. I have such a terribly low tolerance for pain. Uhg. Hate being a fragile human.

Presented my PLC program last night in a most spectacular fashion... my teacher was impressed enough I think. We basically had to do this huge ladder logic thing for an imaginary charcoal plant... I had to do the "coating" process, which involved lots of level switches, bindicators, spark detectors, etc. I didn't have to take PLCs to graduate since I'm a telecomm emphasis, but I'm glad I did, it was a fun class.

Anyway, my class consists of five people: the teacher, a lab instructor who took the class last year, two other students, and myself. So we all went out for a beer after class to celebrate our last class together, it was nice. $1.25 miller light draws at the kitchen pass, too! You never find a special like that in overland park. We talked about movies and TV shows we liked... classic geek flicks like "real genius" and "space camp".

Then I came back and started the frightening task of cleaning my room but didn't get very far. I watched star trek and went to bed at 11:00 (!). I've been sleeping a lot lately.

Ordered some new clothes on April 27th and they're still not in yet! c'mon! I need jeans bad!

Oh, and I ran a program called "AMOR" last night for ten minutes. It puts this little happy face on your screen that bounces around on windows when they open, close, and activate, and when nothing's happening he just does dumb stuff. It's the Most Annoying Linux Program Ever (tm), I've decided.
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