Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

flippy baby

Josephine is really trying to get somewhere. It's kinda freaking me out. Last week I wrote about how she'd ooch forward on her tummy... well that's gotten better, now it's no big deal for her to get two feet from her original position before we even notice. And the rolling! Last night she was doing her normal thing where she'll be on her back, then kick her legs over to her side. Except after a minute she decided she was done with side and just flipped over to her tummy. And started the ooching. She's done it at least twice more today. She doesn't smoothly go from her back to her tummy, there's always a "rest on my side and think about it" phase, but that can get shorter.

She's been rolling from tummy to back in a sort of sloppy, accidental, unintentional way for a long time. But going from back to tummy is a whole new scary thing. In general she's been in a much better mood about tummy time lately, she likes to scratch at the pictures on her play mats and crib sheets. She doesn't really go for toys, but if she gets hold of one she's happy and tries to eat it. She just props herself up on her arms and plays like that for a while, then tries to move someplace else.

I told Marc that I saw these crib bumpers at the baby store that are mesh and breathable, I might get one because I hate to think of her ramming her skull into the crib or getting her legs caught between the bars when she's in there. He was like "crib bumper, hmm... do they make electric ones?"

here she is:
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