Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

happy talk like a pirate day!

Ah, mom and baby pictures:

This isn't a great picture of me because I'm trying to look tough and pirate-y, but Josie's so darn cute, right?

Last night we drove up to Topeka for my sister's annual pirate party. It was pretty fun, and Josie slept pretty well on the two hour drive up. She was also pretty happy at the beginning of the party. But not so much once it really got going. She didn't really feel like sleeping, it was only 8:00 or so and she rarely wants to sleep that early (we can try to put her down, but we're usually asking for a struggle). She didn't feel like being in the main room full of people. Outside was buggy and the fire pit was making a lot of smoke.

So at one point one of my aunts asked me how I was enjoying motherhood, and I was like, "It's great... except for nights like this, when I'm sick of hanging out in the back bedrooms." So they freed me. Instructed me to go outside, enjoy some conversation, and don't check in every ten minutes.

And that was nice. I still snuck off to check on things though. Marc got Josie to sleep and we both just had a nice evening. I didn't drink because I'm still nursing but it was fun to talk with folks, this is a big party and it's the first year that my aunts have stopped in and they had a great time.
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