Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

our old TV

Our television is sort of a running joke around our house.

It's a nice TV, it works great, and it's decent size... 35" I think. But it's at least ten years old. I got it used. Marc really wants to get a flatscreen TV. I think he feels like it's time to move on in the world of technology, or something like that.

I don't want to buy a TV, for the following reasons:
  1. Our TV works fine. It's wasteful to buy new things when you have something that works already.
  2. I've never spent more than $150 or so on a television. They've always just come to me. Why spend $800 now?
  3. I don't think flatscreen technology has settled out yet, stores still sell plasma and LCD and LED and it seems like if this was a mature product, that battle would be sorted out.
  4. This may sound stupid, but I think having a big old TV in the front room is good theft deterrent. No one wants to steal a CRT, and burglars might also take it as a sign that we're behind on the rest of our technology... which is really true, we have like seven computers in our house, but the average age is well past 5 years. and as a bonus, they all run different operating systems.
I'm sort of curious about how anyone has a new TV... was it a gift? on sale? did your TV break? did that digital conversion tempt you to make it simple?

Marc recently gave away our old queen size bed frame on freecycle, and I was very proud of him for getting rid of crap taking up space in our house. It was awesome, he posted it, and it was gone the next day. I was so excited I asked him what else we could get rid of.

then before he could say anything, I had to say, "NOT the TV."

and then added, "OR THE BABY."
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