Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

getting back to things

I think I'm going to have to buy (more) new underwear. My size mediums all have stretched-out elastic issues because I messed them up when I was pregnant. By the end, I was comfy in size XLs but it took me a while to admit this and upsize. Many good panties were lost along the way.

I once started an lj entry about my top 10 most surprising things about pregnancy, but I think 6/10 items had something to do with ass expansion. So I didn't post that one.

September! I've been taking Josie for walks after work because it's finally not 100 degrees outside. She's calm during walks, and sort of glances around at things, but she's not old enough to get excited about anything in particular. She spends most of the time eating her hands. But anything we can do to keep her calm is a win, and it's good exercise for me, even if her patience only lasts a few blocks.

I have some good runner friends who push babies in jogging strollers. I might ask if I can borrow one and try it out. I'd love to start running again, it's very therapeutic, and if I could take the baby with me I wouldn't have to feel like I'm spending time away from her or making more time where Marc has to watch her by himself. I just don't really "get" jogging strollers though, it seems like anything that uses your hands would make running a lot more difficult. I used to see people carrying music players and it really screwed up their stride.

In related news, last weekend I actually contacted some flight instructors about going up on a review flight, so I can get back in the air. It didn't work out. It was a holiday weekend and I couldn't find anyone for Saturday, and then Sunday/Monday had wind gusts above 30 knots and we try to avoid things like that. Aren't you all excited about my flying again, so I can bitch about Kansas weather some more?
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