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resonance & motherhood

Next weekend is Resonance, our local Burning Man event. Marc is on the planning committee so he's been pretty busy helping get ready and he's really excited about it; he'll be staying there all weekend. I'll spend a chunk of the day Saturday there. I've got family coming into town to hang out at the house with me and watch Josie while I'm gone.

Unlike Burning Man our local event doesn't allow kids, which is bugging me because it really limits my time out there. This is one of those times where being a nursing mother is sort of a pain... I'd like to spend the weekend at the festival but that'd mean I'd be hooked up to the breast pump a lot of the time. Uhg. And Josie gets bottles while I'm at work during the week, but gets fussy about it late in the day when she knows I should be coming home. We're definitely not at a place where she's ready for someone else to handle bedtime. I bet she'd do fine at a campout right next to me but that's against the rules.

Part of me feels like maybe I should have campaigned against their policy and asked for an exception, but Marc discouraged that, he says the no-kids thing is "probably an insurance thing". And I don't want to be That Parent who pushes their kid in everywhere kid's aren't invited. But crap, the festival is about appreciating nature, inclusion, and participation... shouldn't they if anyone work with the needs of a breastfeeding family? I have a baby, not a kid who's going to trounce into someone's campfire.

I've noticed that you're really not allowed to complain about feeling isolated as a mother. People without kids roll their eyes at you and say "Well you decided to reproduce." People with kids roll their eyes and wonder why you'd ever want to go on some silly no-kids-allowed camping festival anyway... don't you know you're a mom now and your life isn't supposed to be the same, just its own new brand of wonderful? (side note: half these people were in love with suburban boredom before they had kids, so they assume that when you become a parent you'll become like them because that's the only way to do it. But that's a whole other entry.)

Oh well.
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