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new bedroom furniture!

I haven't had a real set of bedroom furniture since I moved out of my parents' house twelve years ago. And the set I had there was bright white with yellow painted flowers on it... they gave it to my eight-year-old cousin. When Marc and I got married he moved into my apartment with the huge walk-in closet and things sort of worked... half our stuff was on the floor of the closet but hey, it's a closet, who cares? We also had a couple small 4-drawer chests that I'd bought when I moved to Wichita, but they weren't in great shape. I tried to tell Marc that just because a drawer broke, I wasn't going to give in and replace the whole chest... I didn't spent $40 at K-mart eight years ago just to throw it all out when the going got tough. But deep down inside I knew that particle board only gets you so far.

Then we bought our charming old house, oozing with character. But not closets. Old house closets are tough. We got rid of boxes of clothes before the move and tried to scale down, but I also knew that normal people have actual drawers to put things in. Marc's clothes were in piles on the floor or never made it out of the cardboard boxes we moved here in. My clothes were hanging up in every closet of the house (including Josephine's... not like she cared, but still) so finally we decided we needed some furniture. We went out shopping several times before the baby came but nothing ever hit us.

So we went up to KC last weekend. Mom & Dad watched Josie, and Marc and I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart. I felt a little weird supporting a non-local giant, but we'd already looked around Wichita, scoured craigslist, stopped at garage sales... I just needed something. And NFM has something craigslist doesn't have: easy delivery and 30 month no-interest financing! That's how they get ya. I mean seriously, we bought it Saturday and it was delivered today in Wichita. Shipping was $75.

So... here's our room before:

And after!

Many more pictures are over here... both before and after. You'll be able to tell the difference, even if I haven't gotten around to captions yet. I promise.

It feels so awesome, just being in the room now. I feel very grown-up. And we haven't even put clothes in the drawers yet! Or re-arranged the pictures, which were always kind of haphazard anyway. Mom told me once that it takes a year to move in to a new house and feel settled... considering the fact that Josie has made us significantly less productive, I'm gonna give us more time. Like, three years. Oh hell, maybe by the time she moves out, we'll feel moved in.
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