Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

favorite age

I took Josie to the League of Women Voters' celebration of the 90th anniversary of the 19th amendment this week. Like ya do.

She was a doll through most of it, I ran into some good friends, she made some smiley happy noises at us. But if I had to say what she was most happy about, it was the fact that they'd hold her and that gave her a really good view of me. She didn't notice the march of women dressed in 1920s clothes with old-fashioned picket signs, didn't care about the choir or the exhibits.

At one point I was standing in the back with other people holding babies who needed to be held in the back (again, like ya do) and this 10-month-old boy a few feet from us just flipped over Josie, started leaning towards us and reaching and smiling. His mom said, "He just loves other babies!" Josie didn't notice. At not-yet-three months old, her world is simple and right in front of her face. Her mood depends on how well she's just slept and whether her tummy is full. She smiles at her crib mobile, but anything further away or more complicated than that can only earn an inquisitive stare.

And obviously it'll be years before she gets excited about a trip to a playground or the extensive collection of duplos at Grandma's house.

So I find myself really looking forward to another age, which is complicated because I know I should be loving the baby she is now. I have to admit, when she falls asleep on my shoulder or grins about bathtime I feel soft for her because she won't be like that forever. And I already miss the newborn baby I brought home in June who is gone now. There are no more full-body yawns, no wrinkly feet, she doesn't like being cradled and she's not tiny and lost in all the fabric of her nightgown. That was such a special time and it just blew by me like I can't believe. So I need to chill out and appreciate TODAY, I know I'll miss it.

Years and years from now I wonder what my favorite age will be? I wish I'd know that sort of thing in advance so I can pay extra attention.
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