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nursing in public. and private. daytime. nighttime. all that.

Josie reserves her loudest cry for the times when she's hungry and kept from eating for 30 seconds. You'd think we were starving her. I mean, look how starved she looks...

I so love her round little face :)

She eats all the time, so I've just gotten used to feeding her all the time. Even if we're out. Last weekend with my sister, I breastfed the baby at the Anchor. In fact there's a long list of places I've nursed in public. I don't think it's a big deal. At baby massage class one of the moms saw me start to nurse and said something like, "Isn't it crazy how your modesty just goes away when you're a mom!" and I had to stop and think... I never really had much modesty to begin with. I mean who hasn't seen boobs?

So I've now nursed at all sorts of Wichita hot spots... starting with the waiting room at the pediatrician's office, but also at Bela Luna cafe, Playa Azul mexican restaurant, River City Brewery... and now, The Anchor. No one's ever said a word to me or been bothered by it. I'm happy to be in this time where breastfeeding is becoming more accepted in society, where I have a legal right to feed my daughter in public. It makes sense.

I also learned that, in Kansas, breastfeeding mothers are exempt from jury duty. Bonus!

I was so afraid that nursing wouldn't "go well"... I read up, I took a class, I joined breastfeeding when I was pregnant. But it all just fell into place. And I love it... breastfeeding means you've always got food ready for the baby, if she wakes up at 1:30 in the morning you don't have to go make a bottle. She can't be allergic to milk from the boobs, it's never at the wrong temperature, it doesn't have an expiration date.

I feel like it's a gift for both of us. She's a baby, she's new to the world, it's a confusing place... but when she's nursing she's completely content. It's how she drifts off to sleep every night. In fact, breast milk is specially formulated to make sleepy babies... it starts out as mostly thirst-quenching water, then as minutes pass on it turns fattier and more desert-like and satisfying until you have a very content little one, drifting off and feeling full.

The downsides? Well, pumping at work takes time. And there's always this looming fact over my head that every 4-5 hours during the day, I need to do something to get milk out. But I can deal with that for six months of my life, I've decided. A few inconveniences are okay for something that feels so strongly like the right thing to do.
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