Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

weekend guests

My sister and brother-in-law were down this weekend from Topeka.

It was a really nice visit. They brought food and that made things awesome... I guess mom told them that we were still in "new baby" mode and barely feeding ourselves, so they came down with quiche and lasagna and muffins... hey we'll take it! (side note: I freaking love quiche and must start making it myself)

Josie was interesting. My sister sees her once a month, so she's able to point out the obvious different things about her. For me the days and development run together in very blurry ways. Anyway since last month here's what's different about Josie:
  • Very good at eating her hands. She's always liked eating her hands, but now bringing her hands to her mouth seems like an intentional thing instead of just an accident, and she does it all the time. FYI... still hates pacifier.
  • She's really big.
  • She smiles a lot more and almost giggles. We're not sure what to call it. Babies don't really laugh until 4-6 months, but Josie will smile really big and sort of pant.
  • Talking back a lot more and making a lot of sounds besides just the "I'm angry" one.
  • Generally happier. Needs to be walked around still, but not necessarily "bounced in a specific way", and after being fed or getting a few minutes of sleep she has a few minutes of happy time very consistantly.

I feel like I've seen a transformation in how she thrives on attention a lot more than she used to. As a newborn she was just sort of a bundle of reflexes. She's now graduated to being a bundle of needs, especially emotional ones. This weekend, she wanted us to hold her, play with her, and walk her around the house. And she was unusually fussy about it. It was almost like she knew since there were four people here instead of two, we had the capacity to provide her twice the entertainment. So that's what she decided she deserved.

My sister said when they visited me in the hospital, the nurses saw how all her grandparents and aunt and uncle were and said, "So... guessing this is the first grandbaby?" Yeah. Josie is not starving for love. She has all these people to stare at her, talk to her, respond wildly to her every "uh-goo!" like it's the most interesting thing we've ever heard.

Such a life.

here she is, all "mmmmm... HAND". Some days she really goes at it. In fact at church this week, she was slurping on her hand so hard it almost echoed. We're kind of afraid we're going to turn her around someday to find that she's just got a stump left. Good thing she doesn't have teeth.
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