Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

she was never quite the same though

Printed out reports from senior design. Without the data sheets in the appendix it's a good 1" thick... when they're added that doubles. Egad! I guess I'll print myself a copy too, bring it home, try to hang it on my mom's refrigerator :)

I have this urge now since I'm so smart and everything to make everything in my life either wireless or controlled with a PIC or both. Picture: I wake up in the morning to the alarm clock I've hacked into so its on switch also controls my coffee maker and it has a different sound tone depending on whether I've got e-mail, it's raining outside, my room needs dusted, or I forgot to take my allergy meds last night. I'd either impress my friends or become even more of a dork than I already am.

I'm also formulating a list of things to do when I have a life outside school again. I still have to keep working because I've got a gigantic project due in PLCs that I've put off all semester, but the light is at the end of the tunnel for Our Hero. The list so far:
  • Clean room, wash clothes, take regular showers
  • Work out
  • Finish the book I began at the beginning of the semester
  • See movies: Spiderman, Star Wars, etc.
  • Play my guitar
  • Eat vegetables
  • Update website(s)
  • Move home
  • Find job
  • Paint toenails

But does life ever really slow down?
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