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sticking down photos

After last week's post about the evils of scrapbooking, I went ahead and bought a scrapbook. JoAnn (speaking of evil) was having a big sale on all this stuff... so I figured now's the time to get sucked in.

I ordered prints of photos from 2005-2006... figured I'd start at the beginning of when I started losing track of pictures. Which leads me to my first personal photo-album rule: Work in the past. Do not archive a photograph unless it was taken at least a year go. This gives you some perspective. You can tell what's important. And you've forgotten about the experience a tiny bit, getting you a bit of that third-party perspective you need to tell whether the photo is good or not.

I also liked kirstene's rule... if you can't fit three photos on a page, you're making decorations, not a photo album.

I know some of you mentioned going digital but I wasn't excited about that. Yes I know, I could use my computer to just lay everything out all nice, spell-check what I write about it, then order this bound book. But I can see myself getting into that, and then never actually ordering the book. With the paper stuff, I can get a page out, slap three photos on it, and put it away... and I've got a page now! Repeat that a few times until finished. No commitment. No "oh crap I wanted to add something to the book but it's ORDERED now".

No shipping & handling costs.

I love computers, but there are some things best left to the outside world, I think. E-books is another good example... after my post about putting books on hold at the library, someone asked why I didn't have a kindle yet. WTF. I'd just finished a whole entry about how the 25-cent hold charge was a big step up from the nothing I'd been paying for library books, and that makes you think I'd spend $300 plus $10-15 a book to read them on a fancy gadget? It's the same book, people.

Back to the photos... I bought some cardstock, an expandable album, some nice pens, some sticky-back square things. I also bought a trimmer (which I've always wanted, I must admit it) and a corner-rounder. I completely avoided getting into stickers or die-cut shapes, and I feel really good about that.

It's kind of been fun, but I don't love it. I'm not worried about getting sucked in. I work for an hour, stick some photos down, then I'm tired of it. I finished 9 12x12 pages this week, mostly Wednesday night when the baby decided her nap should go until 6pm, and then a bunch last night talking with my sister. Most all my 2006 photos are now down in a book I can flip through and I like that.
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