Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the week's highlights

I haven't updated the lj all week. Maybe I'm finally hitting that point where I'm bothered that the only thing I have to talk about is baby.

Here's a summary of some entries I started this week, but was either too busy finish or they just didn't gel with me enough to hit that big "submit" button...
  • I finished reading Ender's Game. I loved it. Like, really loved it.
  • Josie is over 14 lbs... almost double her birthweight. Not bad for ten weeks.
  • We're still just feeding her breastmilk. My boobs seem to have adjusted to long stretches at night with only 1-2 feedings, so I'm sleeping better.
  • Speaking of sleep... the 10pm-5am straight ZZZs Josie gave us a few weeks ago were just a little phase. She didn't make a habit out of it. Oh well.
  • I had fun hanging out with humaazul last weekend.
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