Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

saturday morning class

Check her out... only two months old and she already knows how to make AIRPLANE ARMS! We're going flying!

I told myself I'd be flying again when she was three months old, which means I only have a few weeks left! I've been reviewing. When I walk the baby around in circles to calm her down, I talk through traffic patterns. "Okay Josie we're aligned with our touchdown point. Do we have clearance for one-niner right? Then let's pull RPM to 1700, add a notch of flaps and slow down to 80 knots! Okay now we're 45 degrees from the runway, are we 200 feet below pattern altitude? Then let's turn base."

Right this minute the baby is passed the hell out. We took her to infant massage class this morning. It's our second time. It's through the hospital and the teacher is the same one I had for "how to be pregnant" and "how to breastfeed" and we really like her. The difference about this class is that it's the exact same material three weekends in a row, because that's how life is with babies. We lay the babies on mats, the instructor has a doll to demonstrate the massage techniques on... and then it's breaktime. Eating has to happen sometime so you miss some things, and babies also have a tendency to suddenly feel "not interested" or overstimulated. So you repeat the same 60-90 minute lesson three times and hope the missed sections don't overlap from week to week. This is funny because it's the same way I watch movies now.

For some reason this morning Josie was a model citizen. She loved her massage, kept looking at us and smiling and stretching her arms and legs out. I think her happiness might have been due to her getting the one thing she always wants: completely undivided attention from BOTH parents. It's pretty annoying that we do things like eat, get dressed, go to work, etc and can't just stare at her 24/7. Infant massage isn't really about relaxing your baby, I feel like it's more about giving them something to think about. And half the stuff you do is around the tummy area, to help with digestion. And you do arm and leg exercises to get the brain working with sides.

Anyway I guess 60 minutes of excitement drives the need for a three hour nap. Being a baby is tough.
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