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evil! also, scrapbooking

I need to do something with pictures.

Two things happened this year. First, Ms. A and I were talking on a car trip about how we had a million digital photos and no prints, and we both declared our intention to get some photos printed out. At that time, I kinda just wanted some new ones in the frames.

Second, I got a baby book for Josie. It's from hallmark, and has acid-free paper. I bought some photo dots to stick pictures in there. There are lots of "fill in the blank" lines pages too, but I have to admit putting the photos in and flipping through them is satisfying. I started putting more pictures on some pages, which involved some cropping, which was kinda messy because I don't have a nifty photo trimmer thing, I have scissors.

And getting an actual photo trimmer is almost... scrapbooking.

I've never been into scrapbooking. In fact during a lot of my life I've been downright AGAINST it. It's too cutesy, too suburban, too "isn't my family silly!" or too sentimental. My angst started years ago after attending a Creative Memories "party" with The Wives... remember the terminally boring clique of engineer spouses who couldn't get together without some involvement from an independent sales consultant? Well after watching them spend three hours debating which die-cut embellishments best captured the deep emotions of the family day at demolition derby, I decided to kill myself. Okay no it wasn't that bad. But it was bad.

In fact when Marc caught me looking at scrapbook albums at Target, he said he'd leave me or at least accuse me of being abducted by aliens if I started scrapbooking.

So I told him I mostly just wanted to do "photo albuming"... putting pictures in a book we could flip through. All the images from the float trips, the road trips, the funny poses at the zoo... I don't want them to drift aimlessly from computer to computer over the next few years before getting lost. I want to print out the best photos, make a page-per-event, and write captions underneath them in my handwriting. I want to crop them to get out the unimportant junk. And I want to round the corners. Because, um, I do.

But I do not want to add stickers or paper frames or "embellishments" or ribbons. I am not scrapbooking.

But once you start cropping and writing, is it a slippery slope downhill to the evil?

Marc said he wouldn't consider it a full betrayal of my former self until I started having parties with The Wives so we could compare oval cutters... so okay, there's my limit.
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