Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

do not feed the neopets (owners)

Took a five-minute break and tried cleaning half my room today. So now I'm living in, like, a train wreck with a made bed.

This week I got tired of getting e-mail from neopets members wanting help with useless blob adoption ("it won't work in my [insert name of feature I've never heard of]! what do I do?"), so I put up a blurb on the useless blob adoption page asking for official Neopets Ambassadors. These people would have their links put on my page along with e-mail addresses, and neopets members wanting help would e-mail them instead of me since I (and I state this on the website) know nothing about neopets.

I don't know why, but for some reason I thought I'd get two or three e-mails that sounded something like, "Dear Spacefem, I would love to volunteer to help people with their problems. Sign me up now!" or something just as eloquent, made with complete sentences. I mean, if you're going to help people via e-mail, you should have good communication skills, right? Instead I've gotten like 13 three word e-mails that were just like "I WILL HELP U U ARE KEWL", making no mention of specifics or the job or URLs or anything. Hmmm. I know, beggars can't be chosers, it's just that the responses I've been getting weren't really what I expected.

Plus, two out of the ten people asked for my help with neopets features I've never heard of in the same e-mail that they used to volunteer for helping others. Now doesn't that defeat the purpose?

So this confirms two of my original thoughts: first, the useless blobs have brought out the worst in the internet and must be destroyed, and second, neopets members are freakizoids. Is anyone here a neopets member? Can you confirm/deny this?

Oh well. I think I've got a couple volunteers that beat out the rest (don't use "u" quite as much) so I'll be alright in the end.

Other news: Realized today that all my design experience and readability studies are actually hurting me, because I spend a lot of time on the formatting these engineering reports. No one else in my department would switch a fifty page document over to garamond for originality only to have to switch back to times new roman for technicality and decide to make all the headings in trebuchet to make up for the monotonous times new roman. None of them care that the table margins are exactly the same with 10% gray headers and horizonal lines only as key visual dividers, not on every cell. Sigh. My reports will look a little better, but for the amount of time I'm putting into it, it won't be all that much more noticeable.

This is my gift. This is my curse.
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