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dressing for strangers. also, two months old!

Two months old today! 13 lbs 7 oz, 22 inches long. And doing great. She smiles in very adorable ways... it's almost manipulative, because I swear there's some kind of instinct or reflex or something we have as humans, when a baby smiles at you, you HAVE to smile back and become happy.

aliki gave us this outfit, btw. I love it :)

Speaking of outfits, you might notice from pics that we dress her in a lot of gender neutral outfits... or maybe even some that could be considered "boy" because they're blue. Marc & I both equally hate the whole idea that pink is for GIRLS and blue is for BOYS and children must fall into these society-established gender roles the moment they come out of the womb.

But we disagree on how we should respond when out in public strangers assume she's a boy. I figure they're just being nice and telling us how cute she is, just take the compliment and move on, not like they really care if she's a boy or a girl. They just picked a pronoun. He's kind of offended though that they'd assume she's a boy just because she's wearing blue, and if we correct them they'll avoid making the mistake with other babies. When someone says, "Oh he's so cute!" I'll just say thanks and move on. Marc calls them out. "She's a girl." He says they should be saying "your baby is so cute" and we should show them the light.

I even excuse them if they find out the truth from me... is that bad feminist or what? Conversations go like this...

Oh he's just adorable! What's his name?

um... Josephine.

Oh I thought she was a boy I'm so sorry!

Oh it's okay she's wearing blue it's totally understandable!

I'm on a poll kick lately, so what do you think lj?

How old is he?

*She's* two months old (add emphasis so they know they were wrong)
She's two months old (no emphasis... act like you didn't hear the mistake)
Two months! (leave all responses gender-neutral, avoid controversy)
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