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nerd appreciation vs. liberal pacifism

A coworker of mine told a story of his nephew, who was into fantasy/role playing games but only very recently admitted this to the extended family, the kid seemed a little embarrassed. I was like, "Hey, nothing to be ashamed of. There are worse things you can do! I'd rather hear about a kid pretending to be a knight with a sword than a kid who spends the day playing first-person shooter games where you mow people down with guns."

I was quickly called out by a noble gun rights supporter who argued that if you're against violence, gun play is way better than anything involving swords. I mean what's worse, shooting someone in the head, or hacking them to death with blades? How can you say it's perfectly healthy for a kid to fantasize about spiked battle flails? I mean talk about inhumane!

He's got a point. I've always hated the idea of kids playing with guns. We lived across the street from this family of boys who were always decked out in full-on soldier gear, running around shooting each other, and it just felt weird. But maybe I have a double standard. I can't explain why I'd feel fine about kids dressed up as midevil knights, but wrong about kids dressed up as modern-day soldiers. Maybe you can explain. Or maybe I'm the only one.

And I know that RPG and "playing with swords" are two different things... I was just offering up some background or context or something.

Kids playing with swords...

Totally awesome, I'll buy the swords
Disturbingly violent, I'd never buy them swords
I don't really care either way

Kids playing with guns...

Totally awesome, I'll buy the guns
Disturbingly violent, I'd never buy them guns
I don't really care either way
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