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anniversary week and working

Our anniversary this year was nice. And low-key. I took a half day off from work so I could hang out with Marc and Josie. Josie showed her excitement by sleeping all afternoon! I mean seriously, from like 1 to 4 she was out, and this is not a girl who's into napping most days. But whatever. Marc and I appreciated the time to just relax and be ourselves, to be honest. We cut the guinea pigs' toenails. We played some Wii. We cleaned the kitchen. We snuggled on the couch.

When she woke up we went and did some shopping, then visited some friends who'd just had a baby. My dad once told me that when "you're pregnant, everyone's pregnant" and that's totally how life has gone. Hell even on livejournal, everybody had a baby this year! Anyhow our friends had a five-day-old who was TINY! I held her and said "Ohmigod, Josie was never this tiny, how much does she weigh?" and they said she was 7 lbs, 3 oz at birth. Well, Josie was 7 lbs 4 oz so I was kind of right, I just seriously can't remember holding her like that. And seeing the babies side by side, you'd never guess they were only eight weeks apart.

We went out to dinner at Felipes. We left Josie in her carseat. She looked around or dozed... she was very calm. It was a gift. Yeah, we'd talked earlier in the week about getting a sitter and GOING OUT but this worked so well, plus I didn't have to worry about whether I'd miss a feeding and have to pump and all these things. It was just simple.

Aside from the half-day on Wednesday, I worked a full day all the other days at work. I'd been just working half days. People around the office kept asking me how I was allowed to do that, since my company HATES part-time and flexible schedules and all that... I answered that I hadn't really given them a choice. I had a lot of vacation saved up. We get six weeks for maternity leave, but I told them that I was going to take an additional two weeks after that, and they had to be okay with that because of FMLA. Then I said "Well, I guess I could come back at six weeks and just work half days" and that was a step up from what I'd originally said, so my supervisor was happy for whatever time I could put in. It was a great way to get back from leave.

I've been warned that I'd spend all my workdays missing the crap out of my baby... it hasn't been so bad. The transitioned helped. I mean sure I miss her, but to be honest before she was born I missed Marc in a lot of the same ways. Maybe even more. I mean, during a full day with Josie she naps, or cries and makes me feel like I need a break. A day with Marc is all about us, and there were lots of days when I was pregnant and hormonal when I felt like anything that separated me from him was a crime against humanity or something.

Also, pumping breast milk at work is so much easier than pumping at home! At home I feel like I'm cramming it into my schedule, the baby naps and there are a million things I'd rather be doing. But at work it's breaktime, "me" time, I'm alone in an empty office and if I can get one with a networked computer, I work, if I can't it's no big deal, I read. I'm still making more milk than what Jo eats in a day, so the freezer stash keeps expanding... we'll be able to keep this up for a while.

So that's my routine now. I wake up and face the morning challenges... feed the baby if she's awake, pump if she's not, figure out how to fit in breakfast and getting ready. Go to work. Pump around 10, then again around 2. Go home and relax. Tell Josie about my day and listen to her tell me about hers (kind of tough, since she only says "guh" and "ooh"). Love Marc. I'm really busy but it's a good time.
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